It’s War! Daily Caller and Mediaite White House Writer Engage in Bitter Battle

Whatever truce allegedly existed between The Daily Caller and Mediaite‘s Tommy Christopher is kaput. Ill feelings toward Christopher erupted this weekend when the DC’s TV writer Jeff Poor wrote an opinion piece . The headline was, “Real Men of Genius: Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher.” The piece focused on Christopher’s latest charge that a campaign sign by Mitt Romney struck a racist tone against President Obama. The situation grew to a fevered pitch when Poor revealed Tommy’s supposed real name in a tweet: “Tommy Christopher’s real name is Thomas McNulty. Do I win a prize? His brother is kinda freaky, too.” Christopher won’t dispel the mystery. His name is also believed to be Thomas Beller.

Christopher, who wrote a series of stories against The Daily Caller regarding what he considered the publication’s racist portrayal of the Trayvon Martin case, is incensed by what he is calling Poor’s “media campaign” against his brother, Jesse McNulty, who lives in Georgia, and Christopher’s two children.

“His boss, Tucker Carlson, contacted me after the name thing started to make his site look worse than it already did, and begged me for a truce,” Christopher told FishbowlDC by email referring to the flap over Poor revealing that Christopher was writing under a pseudonym. “At first, I told him to shove it up his ass, since Jeff’s freakish obsession with me had already resulted in threats to my family, including my children. Over the course of a long conversation, I reluctantly agreed to stop pointing out how he had allowed his website to become an outlet for Jeff Poor’s Hinckley-esque vendetta. That agreement has now been broken by Mr. Poor and Mr. Carlson.”

Asked if he would consider having a beer with Carlson or Poor, Christopher replied, “If either of these assholes wants to have a beer with me, I suggest they bring extra ice.”

Poor had words in kind about Christopher. He told FishbowlDC, “Tommy hiding behind his family is disgraceful. I imagine when his son is older, he’ll be embarrassed that his father used him for cover whenever someone was critical of his ploys to whore for traffic and to get on television. Maybe he needs to consider another profession if this heat is too much for him. And for God’s sake, he needs to stop whining to my boss like he’s my father. He talks about a truce, but he doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to confront me personally about this so-called truce? I don’t email his boss Dan Abrams every time he wants to take me on for something. What is this, second grade? Grow up, Tommy.”

More from Tommy after the jump and how he doesn’t “give a rat’s ass” what Poor thinks. Also…Poor encapsulated his entire distaste for Christopher’s journalism in one sitting.

From Poor’s opinion piece that published this weekend…

“Christopher, whose Mediaite byline is a pseudonym and is likely a tax write-off for Dan Abrams’ media empire, has found his niche: seeking out the most provocative angle on the hot-button issue of the day and exploiting it for Web traffic and the long-shot hope of landing three minutes of airtime on a cable news program. Fortunately for America, the latter has been an elusive achievement for Christopher. But Mediaite’s editors continue to allow Christopher to use their website as a platform to stoke the flames of nonsense. In his latest attention-whoring exercise, Christopher imagined veiled racism from former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, coded in a generic black-and-white banner that says ‘Obama Isn’t Working.'”

More from Tommy to FishbowlDC…

“I could give a rat’s ass about Jeff Poor’s opinion, but now, he is engaging in a social media campaign to attack members of my family. For now, it’s just my brother, who deals with more hateful assholes before noon than a Preparation H factory, but he and his wingnut pals are also targeting New York Times executive Diane McNulty, who, to my knowledge, is not related to me. It’s about as likely as two people who share the family name “Smith” being related to each other.

“I would prefer it if Mr. Poor and Mr. Carlson would leave my family out of their creepy obsession with me, just as I wished when some shitheel targeted Jeff Poor’s 4 year-old niece, but that’s apparently too much to ask. They may not have the decency to hope their actions don’t touch any of my children, but maybe some other instinct will kick in.”

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