It’s Too Hot to Type, So We’ll Let Them Talk About ‘Underground Branding’

If this week in Chicago has been anything like wherever you are in this world, heat-wise, then you’ll share our pain. We really wanted to do up a post about that really good, lengthy article in the NY Times recently, “The Brand Underground,” all about the changing face of who is succeeding out there in the stuff-to-buy market. But because it’s been so hot, our brains have melted and we’ve been reduced to puddles of goo. Luckily for us, and you, dear reader, the site Marktd has stepped in to do the commentary and synopsis for us. They pull out the important parts, ad some insight, and even include a few quotes from other sources. In all, both are great reads. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go back to the freezer and go to bed. Here’s some:

And yet thousands and thousands of young people who are turned off by the world of shopping malls and Wal-Marts and who can’t bear the thought of a 9-to-5 job are pursuing a path similar to A-Ron’s. Some design furniture and housewares or leverage do-it-yourself-craft skills into businesses or simply convert their consumer taste into blog-enabled trend-spotting careers. Some make toys, paint sneakers or open gallerylike boutiques that specialize in the offerings of product-artists. Many of them clearly see what they are doing as not only noncorporate but also somehow anticorporate: making statements against the materialistic mainstream — but doing it with different forms of materialism. In other words, they see products and brands as viable forms of creative expression.