It’s The Journalist Version of Stealing All The ‘W’ Keyboard Letters On The Way Out

The Associated Press’s DC bureau recently moved to new digs on 13th and L (they’d been at 2021 K Street since 1973). The new building combines the AP’s print newsroom with its broadcast newsroom, which is supposed to mean more integration as well as improved facilities.

The old place was dingy and dirty and in disrepair and some AP’ers left their mark on the way out, by way of some graffiti.

We’ve got the photos:


2021 003.jpg

2021 008.jpg

Also, there have been some grumblings about parking in the new building. People are concerned about the levels of crime in the neighborhood and that they will have to walk a few blocks to their car. Someone at AP even pulled crime stats, which suggested that there were 25 violent crimes in the past year in the old HQ and 44 near the new building. Union reps have been meeting with company officials and have asked for 1.) spaces in the building for anyone who regularly leaves or arrives after dark 2.) security guard escorts to the Metro or nearby lots and 3.) a security van to take people to and from Metro.