It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day!

dogYes, this annual event really exists. And hey, it’s today!

In fact, it was spawned by Pet Sitters International in 1999 to show how dogs can be great companions and to encourage their adoptions from local shelters, rescue groups and humane societies.

Well, what if you’re not pooch friendly and your colleagues have brought in their pets or what if you have allergies? There are a few ways to make the most out of today and other days if your office is pet friendly all year-long.

1. Tell people ahead of time. If your office is pet friendly every single day, make sure you tell potential job candidates, visitors, vendors, clients and anyone else that dogs are on the premises. They may have allergies or they may simply be caught off-guard if they’re not informed prior to their meeting.

2. Keep your dogs occupied. Yes, having a dog at your desk may be a great reason to actually detach from staring at your computer to take Fido for an afternoon walk. That said, make sure they’re occupied during the day with toys like they have at home. Hopefully they’re not a distraction to you and your colleagues but rather, just part of the home away from home.

3. Keep them groomed and fed. This is a given but considering they may become staples to your work family, keep them groomed and fed. And think of alternatives — for instance, what will happen if you’re in the midst of a heated conference call and your dog really needs to relieve her or himself outside? As in really must go outside right this very minute? Create a back-up plan to ask colleagues to pinch hit for you and vice versa.

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