It’s #StarWarsDay Today on Twitter – May the 4th Be With You

For those not part of the Star Wars cult, you might be wondering why so many Star Wars related trending topics have popped up on Twitter today. Apparently, it’s Star Wars day, and the fans are coming out in full force (ha ha).

Why, you might ask, is it Star Wars day today? Those who know the franchise intimately will know that it’s not the anniversary of any of the movies’ release date, nor is it George Lucas’ birthday. No, today is the day you can pre-order both Star Wars trilogies on Blu-Ray. And this is no small milestone – there are already over 150 reviews on for a pre-order that began today and won’t ship until mid-September.

I’m actually not sure what is more influential: these Blu-Rays or the fact that “May the 4th be with you” is so “punny” for Star Wars fans. The lisp-y #maythe4thbewithyou Star Wars catch phrase has been trending alongside #starwarsday all afternoon. And #Yoda made an appearance on the trending topics list for a brief while as well.

Of course, a community-driven trend on Twitter wouldn’t be complete without a company or two cashing in on its popularity and buying a promoted tweet. Right now, if you search for #starwarsday you’ll see a friendly “Happy #starwarsday from Dairy Queen” promoted tweet at the top of your search results. And I’m currently seeing a promoted tweet from @Flyerland, a Canadian coupons/deals site when I search for #maythe4thbewithyou that could be geo-targeted.

Anyways, a very happy Star Wars Day to all of the franchise’s fans. May the force be with your tweets today.

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