It's Official, Tweetdeck Becomes SocialDeck With Facebook Integration

Today Tweetdeck will officially announce integration via Facebook Connect, bringing streaming Facebook status updates directly to your desktop. Just last week I suggested that this will soon become a reality. Little did I know how quickly this would actually take place. One of the largest hurdles to developing streaming status services in the past was a delay in response time to status.get API calls.

Fortunately, Facebook has upgraded their API and now functionality similar to Twitter is no longer just theory. Facebook is working on opening up their platform increasingly and this is just one step in the process. As I’ve been emphasizing over the past few weeks, this is part of a greater movement and in the coming weeks there are many more things to come.

Facebook clearly wants to become a platform for real-time communication and sharing among individuals and this new service will most definitely help further that goal. While I don’t have access to the new version of Tweetdeck, it should be available for download by the end of the day. This is truly a huge step for Facebook as the first widespread desktop applications are just beginning to proliferate.

Currently Tweetdeck is still keeping their name, but as the title suggests, they may want to consider changing that name over the next few days. SocialDeck is just one suggestions but perhaps eventually it will become full fledged Facedeck as I previously suggested. This is exciting news and I’m looking forward to the new applications that roll out over the coming weeks.

Will you be downloading the new version of Tweetdeck when it’s released later today?