It’s Never Too Early To Start Your Taxes: Follow the IRS on Twitter

With 2010 coming to a close, you are likely thinking about the holidays, new year celebrations, some time with the family and a little relaxation – you’re likely not thinking about your taxes. However, the IRS is making a huge push onto Twitter this week in the hopes that its new Twitter accounts will help tax payers and tax professionals alike throughout the year.

Accounting Today reports that the IRS has opened up several new Twitter accounts to help Americans with their taxes – in 140-characters or less.

The flagship IRSNews Twitter account provides basic, easy-to-act-on tax advise to the general public. This includes information about e-filing and “Where’s my Refund” program.

The IRS is also revamping its IRStaxpros Twitter account which targets professionals working in the tax industry. And they have a RecruitmentIRS account that provides information to anyone interested in a career in the IRS as well.

Probably one of the most helpful IRS Twitter accounts is the YourVoiceAtIRS, which provides tax tips and advice for the average American to get the most out of his or her return.

The IRS really wants the public to know about its recent social media push, so it’s designed an IRS New Media page which lists all of its Twitter accounts, in addition to its YouTube accounts and other social media.