It’s Nasty Thursday

If you want a taste of the online nail spitting that happens between left and right media outlets, this morning’s cat fight between Think Progress’ liberal blogger Matt Yglesias and Commentary Magazine’s John Podhoretz was a fitting example. Both are balding. Both have a lot on their minds. In this case, Yglesias was up against Podhoretz’ and his posse that included TWT‘s Eli Lake, House Armed Services Committee Speechwriter John Noonan, David Limbaugh (as in Rush’s brother) and WSJ‘s James Taranto.

The fight broke out at approximately 8:30 this morning. Yglesias, a Juiceboxer mafioso, held his own considering he was up against a wolfpack.

Out of the gate…

Yglesias: “@jpodhoretz Do you really think there are no systems in the world besides America’s and the DPRK’s? That’s pretty ignorant of you.”

Podhoretz: “@mattyglesias Well, yes, of course there’s Cuba, and there’s Venezuela…surely two of your favorites.”

Things turned acutely biting when they began to discuss Podhoretz’s 2005 book
— Bush Country: How George W. Bush Became the First Great Leader of the 21st Century—While Driving Liberals Insane. Yglesias called Podhoretz a “witless fool.”

Yglesias to Taranto: “Had I not read @jpodhoretz’s fantastically stupid book, I would hesitate to believe he’s really that dumb. Have you read it?”

Podhoretz: “@mattyglesias To be called ‘stupid’ and ‘dumb’ by you is oddly fascinating. I mean, how could you of all people know?”

Yglesias: “@jpodhoretz, As I said, I formed my low opinion of your intellect from when I read your book.”

Podhoretz: “It was a bestseller. How about yours?”

Yglesias: “I didn’t say your book was unpopular, I said it’s bad.

This is when Yglesias began asking around if some of Podhoretz’s posse had read his book. He asked Limbaugh, Taranto and Noonan. None said they had.

Yglesias: “Amusing that none of the conservative pundits defending @jpodhoretz’s honor have actually read the phenomenally stupid book in question.

Podhoretz:”Well I will forbear responding w/ words about your book, b/c I haven’t finished coloring in the pictures.”

The End…

At about 1p.m. Podhoretz concluded: “I want to thank @mattyglesias for having no sense of humor, since he’s increased my follower numbers by 120 in the past hour.”

Asked how he feels about this morning’s episode, Yglesias told FishbowlDC: “I feel vindicated, considering that non of J-Pod’s ideological allies would defend his book.”





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