"It's like Pokemon for adults": Digital Chocolate Introduces NanoStar (Updated)

nanologoDigital Chocolate, one of the premier iPhone and Facebook games developers, is announcing their newest social gaming platform entitled “Nanostar Social Games”. The platform is based on role-playing card games and CEO Trip Hawkins explains that “It’s like Pokemon for adults.” The real beauty of the platform is that cards can be used in different ways across a variety of different games.

The first two titles that will use the platform are NanoStar Castles and NanoStar Siege, released in the next few weeks, and they both use the specialized NanoStar card deck. The NanoStar card deck consists of a regular 52 card deck of cards, and then 151 extra unique NanoStar character cards that can be used to power up your gameplay cards.

Update: NanoStar Castles is now live.

NanoStar Castles
NanoStar Castles image courtesy of SFGate

NanoStar Castles is a turn-based game where two players battle against each other by starting with four playing cards each. They draw card to replace the existing cards and then pit these cards against each other strategically based on the ruleset of the game. For instance, if you have a card for “The Governator”, you can apply that within the game and it becomes a barbarian who demolishes two of your opponents cards. The game seems to be modeled after classic card games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon.

nerdburger-1The second game, NanoStar Siege, is a desktop defense type of game, where you place small game pieces on your game board and they automatically attack any enemy that comes into range. A horde of enemies then proceed across the screen and your pieces (ideally) eliminate them before they make it across. The character cards work similarly in this game, to give you huge powerups. Trip explains on his blog how the “Crazy Penguin” card acts in Siege:

When Crazy Penguin comes over to NanoStar Siege, the penguin turns into a unit called Bandits that unleashes a group of Skirmishers at any spot on the battlefield that you choose, as if they parachuted in … no, I guess they probably got there by catapult! There are equally fun things to do with each NanoStar character in every game, and they really make these games distinct while offering more variety and value. And then every NanoStar character that you have collected forNanoStar Castles and NanoStar Siege will soon have another unique game where you can have new kinds of fun.

The key in monetization here is that free players only have access to ten of the character cards, and the rest are to be purchased. The details of the purchases are shown below, courtesy of SFGate:

  • Bronze 1-Pack: one random “mystery” NanoStar character for 5 DC Cash (about 75 cents)
  • Gold 1-Pack: one random NanoStar character with greater chance that it is Rare or Uncommon for 10 DC Cash (under $2)
  • Silver 5-Pack: five random NanoStar characters with guarantee that at least 1 or 2 is Rare or Uncommon for 25 DC Cash (under $4)
  • Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/techchron/detail?&entry_id=59874#ixzz0jCjEcVvc