It’s Either War Or Purely Self-Aggrandising, But Either Way We’re Mad

We’re hardly blog strangers to the closest counterpart we’ve been able to find in our gossip-addled approach to the ludicrous world of design we somehow found ourselves smack-dab in the middle of, but we’ll confess to being a little put out by an Architectural Record article on The Gutter, only because it just kinda makes us feel a little chopped liver. And we’re only one-sixteenth into that.

The anonymous “guttersniper,” as the blogger has named him or herself, has covered more happenings (mostly in New York) than most design publications, and often digs up dirt on commissions, oddities, personal gaffes, and outrages sent by sources in the field. Recent subjects for ridicule have included New York Times architecture critic Nicolai Ourousoff (who the sniper calls “Big Nic”), Daniel Libeskind (the site said his recent Ground Zero editorial in the Times “gave hubris a bad name”), Frank Gehry (called a “developer’s bitch”), and New York’s last-minute Olympic stadium plan in Queens (“Welcome to Atlanta”).

“Big Nic.” Wow. Now that is a hella large amount of smack. But “hubris” for Danny? Please. Gehry a “bitch?” Weak. And we’re not even gonna go to Atlanta.

We’ve noticed it’s softball season. Guttersniper/s, we invite you to play.

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