It’s Design, It’s Science, It’s a Lab! All In One!


Once we see that it’s related to the Buckminster Fuller Institute, The Design Science Lab is one of those things we’d really like to be a part of, but we immediately question if we’d be anywhere near smart enough to be there. We’d probably be at the introductory meeting, and after the guy who lists his credentials as having built the first colony on Mars and cleaned up this whole global warming thing, we’d have to stand up and say, “Um, well, we did some blogging every once in awhile. And, uh, we also once took some photos of our cats and put them on our Flickr account.” But whether or not we’d make the grade or not isn’t really important. It’s the kind of program that you can really appreciate from afar, and be happy that brilliant minds are being put to good use. Here’s some on the program:

The Design Science Lab, a joint project of BigPictureSmallWorld, Inc and the Buckminster Fuller Institute, develops solutions to global and local problems. It does this through a design and planning methodology often referred to as design science. This methodology is inspired by the work of R. Buckminster Fuller, the late 20th century inventor, philosopher, and designer.

At its core, the Design Science Lab recognizes the profound contribution ‘ordinary’ citizens can make toward solving our most pressing local, regional and global problems. Through direct experience, participants come to understand that individual initiative can and indeed must make a difference in creating a better world.