It’s Ball Good – Or Is It?

“It’s Ball Good” is listed as a TWT blog by sports columnist Deron Snyder that addresses the vast topic of “From fun and games to life and death.”

But like trapped dust, TWT may have some website housecleaning or prodding to do. There are two entries for the blog — one from March 13, and another from March 15. “I’ve been negligent in keep it up,” Snyder told FishbowlDC, explaining that he writes two sports columns a week for TWT. “It’s there, I can post. I just haven’t devoted any attention to it. But I plan to do so in the future.”

Deron isn’t lacking experience. In fact, he may be too qualified for TWT in its current stage of rebirth. He has written sports for 24 years, including as a Baseball Weekly columnist for USA Today from 1991-2000. After working for Gannett in Fort Myers, Fla. from 2000 to 2009, he took a buyout. Sports Editor Mike Harris sought him out for a position in Richmond but the company froze the job. When Harris went to work for TWT he reached out again. Deron agreed to write two columns a week.

Before signing on with TWT, he seriously weighed leaving journalism to take up a new career in public relations. “I forced myself to be interested,” he said. But the lure of sports writing was too great. “To me, being a sports columnist is one of the best jobs there is,” he said.

While Deron’s Linkedin profile lists him as a current sports columnist at TWT, internal phone and email lists do not include him and the publication does not have him down as a full-time employee. In March 2011, TWT reported that it was bringing back its sports pages with Harris as editor. The story said Deron would contribute a few columns each week. “Deron is another strong voice who can get his point across without beating you over the head with a stick,” Harris wrote at the time.

We’ve requested comment from Harris by phone and email.