It’s An Honor Just To Be Plastered Around Town


You can’t blame us for having this on the brain, especially when the above image is what this writer has seen out her bedroom window for the past six weeks. But waking up with Oscar each morning got us to thinking, who designs these posters every year? And luckily, as we brushed our teeth while looking at this billboard for the 42nd day in a row, we knew we could visit for the answer.

Turns out there is a pretty hefty graphic legacy over there at the Academy, where you can peruse a gallery of posters promoting the awards since 1959. “Some of the top designers in the world have worked on these” the intro says. But where they could have added a tiny ‘designed by’ next to each image, instead it says something like “The Best Picture winner this year was ROCKY.”

In the last six years, they seem to have suddenly remembered a little thing called credit, and posters by Brett Davidson, Burton Morris, Arnold Schwartzman and Alex Ross can be found in a different part of the site.

You can even buy this year’s set of posters, which feature “vintage photos of Oscar winners from the past.” But who are these winners? Who took these photos? Who designed these posters?

Oh well, we guess we’ll just thank the Academy.