It’s Almost Like American Idol, But With Buildings, Redux

This seems far too Series 7 to be real, but we’re assuming that since it showed up in the (British) Observer (via ANN) that it’s legit. The UK’s Channel 4 is starting a new series, Demolition, in which viewers suggest and then vote for which building they think is the most vile. The one that wins is then, somehow, slated for–you guessed it–demolition. Deyan Sudjic points out a couple problems:

How can you seriously argue that, when heading the list of ‘vile’ buildings scheduled for consideration by the demolition jury, is the new Scottish parliament? The same parliament, designed by the late Enric Miralles, that is currently hot favourite to win this year’s Stirling Prize as the best building in Britain. Whose life is going to be made better if the Scottish parliament is demolished? And how do Channel 4 think that they are going to demolish it anyway, should it win?

Sometimes we’re just so glad we have critics to do our dirty thinking for us.