It’s All Fun And Games Until…

The self-described “mutts of the media league,” the National Press Club softball team got a bit carried away leading up the playoffs, resulting in a log of complaints to the league commissioner. The complaints included shouting “Miss It” as a player was trying to catch a fly ball and staring down the third baseman.

The complaints prompted an email from NPC president Jonathan Salant encouraging good sportsmanship, as well as a knock against to “because they are super-intense, super-competitive and no fun to be around.”

Despite the team drama, the NPC went on to win a division title for the first time since ’93. also won their division although due to a “historic” 7-way tie for seeds 3-9, the playoff schedule is still up in the air. According to, “there’s no way to slot seeds 3 and 4 without a team ahead of someone that it has lost to already. That’s the conundrum.”

Stay tuned as the drama unfolds at the playoffs later this month.