It's All About Which View You Want To Promote

It seems that when reporting on data about smartphone sales, it’s all about the headlines. Canalys, which “specialises in delivering high quality market data, analysis and advice to the world’s leading technology vendors” posted U.S. smartphone sales figures with a headline “Apple takes the lead in the US smart phone market with a 26% share” but oddly, the data shown in the table on the exact same page does not support the claim. The table shows sales by smartphone OS platforms and has Android, represented by the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), as having 43.6% of total sales, which is a sizable lead over Apple’s 26.2%.

Canalys’ headline is based on comparing iPhone sales against individual handset manufacturers, so compares the iPhone sales against Motorola and HTC sales. The table aggregates all of the handsets that run Android into one number. Both ways of presenting the information is correct so I wonder why Canalys chose to emphasize iPhone sales against handset competitors. Does Apple consider Motorola and HTC their competitors or do they consider Google and Android their competitor? In my opinion Apple knows that Google is their competitor and Canalys’ sales numbers might be one of the reasons why Steve Jobs has been so aggressive in his rhetoric about Google.

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