It’s a ‘Frabjous’ Day at The Washington Independent

In a story today, The Washington Independent’s Aaron Wiener welcomes a new editor into the fold, or rather, re-introduces the former economy reporter. Mary Kane is the new editor.

Congrats to Kane.

The full story:

I’m thrilled to announce that after nearly two months of heroic interim leadership by Holly Yeager, The Washington Independent has a new editor: Mary Kane, our beloved longtime economy reporter.

Mary knows the ins and outs of TWI as well as anyone. She joined the team before the site even existed, back in late 2007, and with us she’s churned out countless gems of reporting, for which she won two Society of Professional Journalists awards. Previously, she covered finance for 11 years as a national correspondent for Newhouse News Service in Washington and freelanced for The Washington Post, Politico, Salon, and Crain’s Chicago Business. She’s also a two-time Excellence in Financial Journalism award winner. But most importantly, she has a keen journalistic sense that we’re confident will guide TWI to new heights in the coming months and years.

It’s truly a frabjous day here at TWI. Please join me in congratulating Mary on her well-deserved new job.

(Frabjous, for the uninitiated, means ‘superb’, elegant, delicious or ‘wonderful.’)

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