It’s a Fiesta for The Washington Times

Remember the scene at the end of The Hangover where the guys find the camera with all the forgotten pictures on their camera? We are feeling the same way today as we flip through shots we took from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. We came across these pictures and remembered that in the mania surrounding the pre-parties, we stumbled into TWT’s soirée. We were sort of surprised to see a giant spread of Mexican food laid out on the table. Considering the political leanings of TWT, we wouldn’t have anticipated quesadillas with salsas and guacamole. We understand that both Republicans and Democrats are vying for Hispanic voters this election season. Maybe we were expecting burgers and apple pie? Or dumplings with dipping sauces considering the Mooney’s own the paper? Maybe a better idea would be fish and chips wrapped in copies of WaPo. Eddie made it close enough to the table to snag a quesadilla and reports that it wasn’t that tasty. The next time TWT throws a party with Mexican food, instead of serving quesadillas and guacamole, perhaps they’ll go for Liberty Corn and Freedom Avocados.