It’s a Bad Time for Haitians and Really Bad for Haitian Journalists

Can the story about the Haiti Earthquake is about as bleak as you get: the untold casualties, the crumbling of a city, the exposure of governmental failure and Idahoans around every corner trying to kidnap children. Just when you think it just couldn’t get any worse down there – the local papers announce LAYOFFS.

Jean Roland Chery from writes:

In the face of economic and financial difficulties, the heads of the two Haitian dailies, Max Chauvet at Le Nouvelliste and Reginald Boulos at Le Matin, have already announced layoffs. Some reporters with these outlets are already out of work. Desrosiers said that the salaries of remaining journalists have been cut by 60 percent. For his part, Manigat declared that the situation for journalists is so disastrous that any more layoffs would be inhumane.

Haiti? Inhumane!? Dear GAWD!!

Photo credit Munoz/Reuters

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