Italians Send 200 Tweets Per Minute [STATS]

Twitter has confirmed that there are over 250,000,000 tweets posted every single day on the network, but how many are coming from outside North America? New stats suggest that quite a chunk of the daily tweets are coming from Italy, as Italians embrace Twitter as the new social network of choice.

Stats from Italian newspaper suggest that Twitter is growing in popularity among Italians, especially as famous faces begin to sign up.

While Twitter is still no big challenger to Facebook, which is used by a massive 93 percent of all Italians who are online, it’s growing.

According to, approximately 1 in 10 online Italians are on Twitter. And they’re tweeting like there’s no tomorrow.

Italians send three tweets per second, 200 tweets per minute, 12,000 tweets per hour and 288,000 tweets per day. That’s a lot of tweeting! And, that only includes Italians tweeting in Italian – it does not include English tweets or any other language.

Still, since Twitter sees 250,000,000 tweets in total each day, Italians are sending about 0.001% of all tweets. A small percentage, maybe, but fast growing nonetheless: the number of Italians on Twitter has doubled in the past 12 months, reaching 2.4 million today. attributes the surge of Italians onto Twitter in the past 12 months as largely due to celebrities and famous faces joining the network. For instance, media personality Fiorello has over 200,000 followers and regularly tweets pictures and videos of behind-the-scenes events at his performances.

And, in part, thanks to this shift to pop culture on Twitter, topics in Italian have transitioned from mostly tech-related to more current issues of the day, especially the concerns of teenagers.

(Image: VikaSuh via Shutterstock)