It Which Cannot be Named: EFF Reveals iPhone Developer Program License Agreement Details

Here’s an interesting use of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) by the always clever Electronic Frontier Foundation…

All Your Apps Are Belong to Apple: The iPhone Developer Program License Agreement

Apple doesn’t allow iPhone developers to discuss the details of the iPhone Developer Program License (IDPL). But, someone at the EFF noticed that NASA, a U.S. governmental agency, had released an iPhone app in the iTunes App Store. So, the EFF FOIA-ed NASA for a copy of their IDPL.

EFF’s Fred von Lohmann provides an item-by-item discussion of a number of items in the license that disturbs him. The first item he mentions is a ban on public statements about the license. Ow! Perhaps Apple policy makers should revisit their famous 1984 Superbowl commercial introducing the Mac.

YouTube video courtesy of seancollier