It was Ms. White, in the Library, with the Rope! Last Night’s Twitter Murder Mystery Killed

Sure, Twitter can be used for customer support, airing your opinions on the news of the day, and promoting your latest blog post. But have you ever seen anyone use it to solve a murder? One ultra-creative telecommunications student, @AustinLugar, has put together a Twitter murder mystery, and while it appears to be a one-off, we really hope the trend takes off.

Ten strangers gathered in a mansion last night for a smashing dinner party – only to discover that a murder had taken place. In 140-character, breathless exclamations, they had to recover from that grisly fact and tweet their responses to the detective whose job it was to expose the murderer (or murderess).

The cast of characters was a motley crew made up of traditional murder mystery fare: you have a beautiful, single, young woman; a wealthy host; a pompous professor; and a surly butler. But there is also a rapper and a ditsy pop culture princess thrown in for good modern measure.

Meeting on Twitter, the strangers eat, drink and are merry until one of them is killed. Enter the detective, who makes scrupulous notes in 140-character bursts, and everyone is suddenly on their best behavior.

The dinner party and murder mystery lasted about 3 hours last night, and yes, the murdered was caught and is now safely behind bars (I won’t ruin it for you, but it was the person you least expect!).

Lugar created 10 Twitter accounts specifically for this murder mystery, and included them all in a Twitter murder mystery list so the audience could easily follow the action. He also used #popclue to keep all of the tweets in order.

This was a fun event, and I hope it takes off. There are people writing poetry and short stories on Twitter, but I haven’t heard of anyone else who ran a murder mystery 140 characters at a time.