It Took Like One Day For The Fox Mole To Be Unmasked

Like this should have surprised you at all. The “Fox Mole,” an anonymous commentator posting to Gawker about what really goes on inside Fox News.

In the inaugural post on Tuesday, the Mole asked, rhetorically, “Why not just leave Fox News?” “I am leaving. Sooner rather than later, I’m guessing,” he wrote.

Barely 24 hours later, Joe Muto was unmasked and out of a job. “Two nice gentlemen from security escorted me to my desk to pack up my stuff, and it was pretty obvious at that point that I would not be setting foot back into 1211 Avenue of the Americas again.”

Somebody was able to figure out that someone, logged into Fox’s systems as Muto, accessed the videos that appeared on That made him suspect number one. Lesson: Don’t whistleblow using anything on company computers, ever.

Since then, Gawker has received a legal threat from Fox News lawyers telling the site not to publish any photos or video “that have been unlawfully obtained by or from Joe Muto” and published a photo of a young Bill O’Reilly on a boat with a topless lady Stay classy, everyone.