It takes a suburb of million-dollar houses not to hold us back

The NYT looks at Rap-Up, a flegling hip-hop magazine...

The NYT looks at Rap-Up, a flegling hip-hop magazine founded by two Calabasas high school students (who are now both in the UC system) which has a circulation of 80,000 and major newsstand distribution. What’s interesting about this magazine is that for a grass-rootsy publication, the content is unabashedly commercial and superficial:

Another mentor, Lou Pitt, a manager and producer of film and television with the Los Angeles-based Pitt Group, said Rap-Up stands out from magazines like Vibe, The Source and XXL in that it shows a more mainstream side of performers too often caricatured as straight from the ghetto or nothing but bling.

“It’s not the street version,” Mr. Pitt said. “It has a very populist approach, in the way of People magazine or Entertainment Weekly.”

So: independently produced, but more eager to pander to corporate media than corporate-owned hip-hop magazines. I don’t mean to sound like an unreconstructed ’80s indie-rock nerd, but I have to say, the kids today are screwed up.