IT Pros Can Search With Paglo

Information Technology professionals are rejoicing in their cubicles with the launch of Paglo a search engine that indexes information on the network you are managing.pagloNeed to know how many of your company’s employees are using Photoshop? And which versions? Paglo will allow you to conduct a simple search that will reveal whether or not you are in license compliance. (Of course you are!)

Aside from installed applications, administrators can also track computers and mobile devices registered to employees. Additionally, you can also search for information on network users.

Once the data is entered and crawled you can access it from any Web browser. This is great for all of those workaholic network administrators who never take a vacation. Now they can access important data from anywhere at anytime.

Three components are the foundation for Paglo: Crawler, Search Index, and UI.

A strong feature of the Web site is the ability to customize a Paglo homepage. Just like Google Gadgets or standard widgets, you can save capsules of information. You can even choose how this information is displayed (text, graphs, etc.)

Paglo also boasts an open API which should result in a plethora of mashups and dashboard widgets.

Currently, Paglo is 100% free. But don’t expect it to stay that way. Word is they are already working on a plan to add premium features in the future.