It Might Become Illegal to Carry an iPad While Crossing a Honolulu Street

You may have a law in your area that makes it illegal to hold and operate cellphones and other mobile gadgets when driving. But, do you have a law that makes it illegal just to hold a mobile gadget while walking and crossing a street? If you live in Honolulu, Hawaii, that may be the situation soon.

Gadget ban clears Council: The bill would outlaw holding iPads and cellphones while crossing city streets (Star Advertiser)

The purpose of the law is to reduce pedestrian accidents caused by people too distracted texting, talking or emailing while walking across a street. However, the law goes beyond merely banning the activities associated with the device. It would make simply holding the device, even when not in use, illegal while crossing the street.

It is notable that the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) opposes the bill because the restrictions were too broad and that any changes to the existing law could water down the driving ordinance.

The situation with tablet devices like the iPad or even notebooks would be especially interesting since people commonly carry these types of devices as they might a paper notebook or portfolio.