It Happened This Weekend…

[Peter Shankman with the crew at Hardee’s in Myerstown, PA. Image courtesy:]

Editor’s note: We may turn this into a regular feature (if you want us to), but here is a recap of some interesting things that happened this weekend.

Craiglist founder Craig Newmark keynoted the PRSA International Conference in Detroit. The conference runs through Tuesday. Prior to his keynote, Newmark told PRSA that he always has to be connected. “…No way I could stay off-line for longer than the time of a flight. My job is customer service right now. I’m looking forward to Internet access being on planes. My life will be easier that way. I won’t have a big backlog of e-mails waiting for me. I do work every day. I stay connected as much as reasonable. And that works for me,” he said.

In regards to Twitter and micro-blogging, Newmark believes they are “an intimate form of communications. It’s real time to a lot of people. It forces you to be brief. And I believe pretty strongly that brevity is the soul of wit.”

In media news, Radar magazine folded, again, however their Halloween party for this Thursday is still on. Think PR staffer Claudine Gumbel told FishbowlNY the club is still “planning for” Radar’s party and they’re “going to be doing it, most likely as a closing party for them.”

And finally, on a completely different, but possibly somewhat related note, uber-flack and HARO founder Peter Shankman drove 124 miles to Myerstown, PA, the site of the closest Hardee’s location to New York City. Upon arrival, he promptly downed 2,200 calories worth of Thickburgers, French Fries and Milkshakes. No joke.