It Doesn’t Pay to Have a Difference Of Opinion

JerryPowers_IMG01.jpgTrisha Posner, Miami resident and wife of author Gerald Posner, was let go by Ocean Drive after appearing in a DVD supporting the closure of a loophole that allows restaurants to be in the historic district south Fifth Street. In the video, shown to the Miami Planning Board, Posner says:

[My husband and I] can basically live anywhere, but we chose to live south of Fifth. When we came here we fell in love with the neighborhood. We work at home so we need the tranquility. We love the nightlife. We love the restaurants. As you can see, I’m standing in one of the hotels here now, the St. Augustine, where we come frequently on a Friday night for a drink. But we don’t want to be living in the middle of it.

A day after the video screening, the writer received notice that her column would no longer appear in the magazine, which caters to the city’s restaurants and clubs. In response, she told the Miami SunPost, “I guess you can’t be socially active and work for Ocean Drive at the same time.”

Ocean Drive chairman and founder Jerry Powers told the Planning Board that the producers of the video and Posner were “not authorized to use the Ocean Drive magazine name.”