It Could Have Been a Facebook Week, if not for Social Bar

Facebook has received quite a number of coverage from various tech blogs that we usually read and monitor, this week. Ealier this week, you may have heard of the invasion of the “25 Things” Meme. Then it was followed by a statement coming from a former MySpace employee saying that Facebook will soon beat MySpace. Finally, a lot of talks have surfaced regarding Facebook’s plan of offering more mobile services. These three items would have made Facebook the king of this week’s news, if not for Google’s Friend Connect’s Social Bar destroying Facebook’s streak.So, let’s recap on what was hot items this week. First on the list is the spread of the “25 Things About Me” meme on Facebook. I was personally a witness to how my friends have participated in this meme, like it was 1998 in Facebook. The meme gives 25 things about the personal who’ve forwarded you his answers, and after reading that person’s answer to the question, it’s now your turn to spread the love by sharing it with your Facebook friends. Now, is it bad or good, if you may ask? The answer depends on how you use Facebook and its social networking features. But honestly, it was an utter waste of time and space on Facebook. Sorry folks.

What follows the meme was another buzz generated by a Sydney Morning Herald report saying that Facebook will soon beat MySpace. This is based on the growing number of Facebook userbase. This came in right after we wrote about the latest ComScore re-ranking of the top social networks wherein Twitter emerged as the number 3 site and Facebook number 1 with MySpace number 2.

Then Facebook rolled a minor feature which enables you to rate a friend’s updates or activities in Facebook via a “like” rating feature. This was a good feature as it eliminates the need to post trivial comments to your friends’ profiles if you happen to like what they just shared or updates they’ve made.

Finally, Facebook was reportedly working with mobile phone developers to offer more mobile Facebook services. According to Bloomberg, Facebook is seeking more partnerships with wireless-service providers and phone makers to beef up its mobile services. This is in addition to its current application in the iPhone and BlackBerry devices. More particularly, Facebook wants to have the synchronization feature enabled.

There you go, some nice coverage of Facebook this past week. But wait, stealing some hype and buzz from an almost Facebook week was the announcement coming from Google Friend Connect about its new social bar. This Social Bar is a nifty Google Friend Connect feature which lets you make your sites/blogs more social by adding a social bar on either the top or bottom of your site. The Social bar contains your Google Friend Connect activities and provides a facility for your site visitors to quickly socialize with you and other members of your site.