Issuu Releases New Update, Becomes Community Magazine Library

One of the most popular platforms for digital magazine distribution, Issuu, is finally getting a new look. With 70 million unique visitors each month via 11.5 million publications already in tow, the website is now transitioning from a place for magazines to get their name out to a place where readers can go to discover new material.

And with a new update that went live today, readers will be exposed to a lot more of what the platform has to offer.

The new home allows readers to essentially browse through discovery based on their particular interests. Users who read directly on the website, which is optimized for both internet and tablet viewing, will have the opportunity to see other magazines are covering the same topics. This level of exploration lets readers hop from free magazine to free magazine, while publications can get more exposure in the process.

The platform, which already went live in the company’s home country of Denmark and in parts of Scandinavia, has already recorded boosts of readership, indicative of the idea that readers are quickly taking to recommendations and exploring what lurks beyond in Issuu’s stable of publications.

Already home to digital extensions of publications like Vice and brand materials for Red Bull and Georgio Armani, Issuu is slowly becoming one of the go-to places for publications to get their brand to readers. In terms of value, smaller publications and scrappy startups looking for a foothold may benefit from this update, thanks to discovery and thematic recommendations that could drive new readership.

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