Issa Hires New Spokesperson After Firing Previous Spokesperson

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has hired Becca Glover Watkins to be the deputy press secretary for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the committee that Issa chairs, The Hill‘s blog report.

The previous deputy secretary, Kurt Bardella, was fired this week after Rep. Issa launched an investigation into whether Bardella was sharing e-mails to reporters with New York Times’ Mark Leibovich, who is currently working on a book about the political culture in D.C. Politico, which broke the story, said neither Leibovich or the communications director for the House Oversight Committee would comment on what sort of help Bardella was contributing.

Watkins is the former spokesperson for Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller. Juleanna Glover, a D.C. lobbyist who was previously a senior policy adviser to Sen. John Ashcroft (R-MO) and press secretary to Veep Dick Cheney during the 2000 campaign, is Watkins’ sister.

Bardella has kicked up dust in the recent past with comments he made for a New Yorker story on Issa, and after it was revealed that an interview The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz thought he was having with Issa was actually with Bardella. Issa himself is also involved in some questionable behavior, with Roll Call asking whether Issa went to the January CES event as a Congressman or a board member for his company DEI Holdings Inc.

Sounds like Watkins has got her work cut out for her.