Israelis Sneak Into First Class

El Al's spoofy Facebook videos feature passengers looking for bogus upgrades

El Al Israel Airlines is running a parody-heavy Facebook campaign centering on a video where characters attempt to pull stunts to get free seat upgrades. Played by unpaid, up-and-coming comedians, one actress fakes a pregnancy with the old basketball-under-the-shirt trick while a young man pretends to to be John F. Kennedy at JFK International Airport with nothing but a bad Camelot accent.

The two-minute video went live on Wednesday (Nov. 28) on El Al's Facebook page, where it's offering viewers until Jan. 16 the chance to win two round-trip tickets (up to $4,600 in value) from New York or Los Angeles to Israel. Consumers have to like the airline's page and watch the video to participate.

The "Funny Excuses Used to Obtain Free Upgrades" campaign pushes the brand's new Economy Class Plus service—which cost $150 per seat to upgrade from regular economy class—and is supported by Facebook promos. Display ads on the social site, an El Al rep told Adweek, target U.S. adults who have either shown interest in Jewish or Israel-related topics or have friends who are Facebook fans of the airline.

Interestingly, El Al surveyed its flight attendants to supply makers of the video—produced by social agency Brand Knew—with examples for the humor-minded video. Here are some examples of funny excuses, per the airline, that weren't included in the video (available for viewing below):

I just got divorced and the guy I'm sitting next to looks like my ex.

Can you please upgrade my mother-in-law because she is driving me crazy?

Can you please upgrade me so I can meet a rich husband?

I can breathe better in first class.

I'm flying as an undercover air marshall so I need to be in business class.