Israeli Digital Bookstore Booxilla May Soon Need eBook Single Titles to Translate

Are you looking for foreign rights opportunities for your short book? Booxilla, a new digital bookstore in Israel, may soon be looking for eBook singles to sell in its store. The bookstore’s titles are all in Hebrew, but they will translate the title for you.

Howard Polskin, Editor-in-Chief at Thin Reads explained the news in a blog post about the growing eBook singles marketplace. Check it out:

Authors should also be aware of the Israeli company Booxilla, which is in Beta mode right now. Co-founder Ilan Boock told me that his company will begin publishing fiction e-book singles and that they are searching for suitable manuscripts. They will translate into Hebrew. Stay tuned for developments with this company.

Earlier this month, Thin Reads reported that the number of eBook singles being published is on the rise. According to the report, 122 eBook singles were released to digital retailers in Q3 2013, up 25 percent as from Q2 2013 when 96 titles were published. (Via ThinReads).