Isobella Jade Visits The New Apple Store


Today is opening day for the new Apple Store on 14th Street and 9th Avenue. The store will be New York’s largest and, of course, the fanboys and fangirls are already queued up. (Opening time? Tonight at 6pm).

To celebrate the opening of the Meatpacking store, friend of Fishbowl Isobella Jade did a photoshoot for us on Wednesday. She writes:

Well for the shoot, I got on Craigslist and put up my own post looking for a last minute photographer … I ended up shooting with Jonathan Conklin, he used to be a chef before he started shooting and go figure even ex-chefs and aspiring photographer’s use Craigslist to find gigs. So we met near the store and I got to chill out, sippin coffee, enjoy the freezing day in my hot Nina shoes and my sexy Forever21 dress, and spiced it up with my Corazon Latino earrings. (who says you need a stylist!) and I flaunted it all with my very own on sale Dana Buchman long coat! It was a fun shoot and I can not wait to use the iMac’s at the 14th Street store and give you my review on the comfort and vibe of the store! I hope they add some chairs this time! If you don’t mind standing, it is great to know personally that no matter where you are in the city basically there is easy access to an Apple Store, a quick creative fix.You know I’ll be there!

So go get your copy of her book Almost 5′ 4″, which we’ve been tracking since it’s damn inception, alright?

More pics after the jump.