Isobella Jade: The Book

0905isobellajade.jpgIt’s been a while since we caught up with FishbowlNY favorite Isobella Jade, the 5’2″ homeless model who was pitching her memoir Almost 5’4″ around town. Jade wrote the book entirely in heels at the SoHo Apple Store and got a fair amount of press since then.

But now the book is out after Jade self-published it. She even got her own article in the New York Post:

In the book, Jade recounts the sort of gigs available to a model of her limited stature (5-foot-33/4, actually), including nude “jobs” for creepy guys in their studio apartments who, it often seemed, could barely hold a camera.

But despite this, nude modeling suited her, and she gleefully recalls sessions such as the one in which she sat naked on a kitchen floor, her taut stomach smothered in “mustard, salsa, hot sauce and butter.”

So there you have it, kids: You too can write a book inside the Apple Store and get written up in the New York Post. Cheers, Isobella.