Isobella Drops Agent, Vows Book Will Be Published By Summer


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our favorite 5’2″ model-cum-Apple Store memoirist in heels, Isobella Jade.

So many questions. What’s up with the manuscript? The modeling career? The spell-check?

Isobella dropped us an e-mail to enlighten us on the past eight months in the life of our little 2006 summer discovery:

subject: Still here…the itty bitty model speaks.

Hi Dylan. Thanks for your time ahead.

During the past 8 months I not only found love but I had a run with an amazing agent who I dropped her recently.

After the press in Bon magazine, Luna magazine and Fashion Television after speaking with the networks, the radio station and you…I was pushed into the question of ” what the fuck am I doing with this book!?”

When I emailed you that first day back in late June, I didn’t expect you to write about me and I might have been fine with waiting a couple years to do this, but it all inspired me to leep into this publishing world, get an editor, make a presskit, make a book submission and try it. And so I could give the people who have asked for this book, The Book.

I took my 350 pages and hacked away at it like a woodchuck! And I dug up some great shit and submitted it to a wonderful agent who has acquired The Pianist, worked with Ron Howard and all that wonderful stuff but I wasn’t happy waking up waiting for the phone to ring and for a book deal, when I had been so used to making it ring off the hook myself.
Then it hit me.

I am not writing this book for the fuckin middle man. I am writing this book for me and for anyone with some passion..maybe for you, for the artist, for the dreamer, for the guy selling his trinkets on Prince Street and for Steve Jobs and Muggy Bouges and for all the people who give a damn about their dreams and who try for it.

Does it sound sappy yet? Well it gets better….

I have been pushing an agent -trying to be conventional but you know that has never in my life worked for me! NEVER! I was a tiny little scrawny track runner up in Syracuse NY, I was alittle below average student barely passing high school with no hopes for college but I got MYSELF into the one school that accepted me from a letter to the track coach and I got a scholarship, then I try modeling, little me, with no connection, no trust fund and I wasn;t called pretty all my life with a sweet sixteen party and I am not even close to tall, I have more in comment with Doopy than most people.
but I give it a try,.I make mistakes with perverts but I have bigger goals and I do ok. I even make it on the latest Urge commercial on MTV ( youtube it!)
I make it in national magazines and I become my own agent. Then I save all my journals and I write a book without a computer at the Apple Store, myself….and it isn’t like me to have much help…. So when I am given it, it feels really wrong!

………………………but like all of my unconventional tales and experiences I stand for making your own dream happen and I have never allowed someone to take my dreams and plans and control them.

Therefore, unbrideled I dropped the good agent thing but got my heart back.

This summer you will be able to read my book and it will be available on Amazon, you will know when I personally mail you a copy or show up at your desk.

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