Isn’t the 8 supposed to mean ‘good luck’?

Banishment for the Hostess with the Mostest

The New York Times’ wunderkind Jenny 8 Lee, former doyenne of the D.C. young professional circuit, has been hit with double embarrassments in recent days.

Catapulted to fame following an incestuous New York Sun article a year ago and numerous mockings on Wonkette, Jenny 8’s parties were famous from the Hill to Georgetown.

Her storied world came crashing to an end in the last few weeks as her frustrated bosses handed down a transfer from the social circuit desk in D.C. to the Metro desk in New York City.

The NY Post trumpeted the news last week that J8L’s D.C. landlord was seeking damages caused by the raucous parties. Now Fishbowl has talked with many a party attendee in the past week, and has actually been graced with an invitation once or twice ourselves, and we can’t for the life of us figure out how one of those cocktail parties for the boring glitterati could spiral out of control.

Adding to the problem category for Ms. Lee, her first assignments on the Big Apple metro desk saw some sketchy reporting. Several sources pointed out how two of her stories in New York quotedAmanda Tree.” Hmm.

Now, banished to the hawk beat, all she can do is pine for the city she once ruled. As she explains her main reasons for loving the nation’s capital amid its Renaissance, “Prostitutes and crack houses have given way to professional couples, quirky boutiques and ethnic fusion restaurants.”