Islam, Quizzes, Photos, Amazon and Social Networks on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging Facebook Apps by MAU

Our list of emerging applications that grew by monthly active users this week included several apps featuring Islam-oriented greeting cards, friend quiz apps in several languages, photo apps and a few social network integrations. The apps on our list grew from between 232,100 and 939,400 MAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook. We define “emerging” applications as those that ended with between 100,000 and 1 million MAU in the past week.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  عيد على صحابك963,210+939,424+3,949%
2. 水果忍者760,690+658,700+646%
3. Bolesna prawda862,879+595,108+222%
4. Friends Photos & Albums876,954+473,299+117%
5. Perfect Games694,304+461,845+199%
6. Friends Photos & Albums874,937+442,027+102%
7.  Animated Picture550,868+342,572+164%
8. Warheiitsspiiel988,310+329,350+50%
9.  Kad Raya669,815+327,708+96%
10.  O-Meter App Factory790,302+314,651+66%
11. World Poker Club351,147+313,342+829%
12. Top 5 Games889,686+306,822+53%
13.  Kad Ucapan dan Lagu Raya504,764+294,732+140%
14.  Simply Hospital801,271+288,470+56%
15. Amazon Sweepstakes408,193+280,895+221%
16.  21個問題263,460+263,445+1,756,300%
17. BeKnown913,516+253,151+38%
18. Fluffy Birds Flash588,700+247,729+73%
19. schoolFeed455,200+246,432+118%
20. MijnKalender (Nederlands)987,336+232,080+31%

عيد على صحابك is one of several apps with Islam-themed content on our list this week, growing by 939,400 MAU, posting a greeting card to a friend’s Wall and also publishing a feed story. The app is joined by Kad Raya with 327,700 MAU and Kad Ucapan dan Lagu Raya with 294,700 MAU; both apps publish the cards to a friends’ Wall.

Friend quiz apps included the Polish Bolesna prawda with 595,100 MAU, the German Warheiitsspiiel with 329,400 MAU, O-Meter App Factory with 314,700 MAU, the Chinese 21個問題 with 263,400 MAU and the Dutch MijnKalender (Nederlands) with 473,300 MAU. Most of the apps may ask questions about a user’s friends and publish answers to their or your Wall, be a series of apps/quizzes or ask you to invite your friends.

Photo apps included Friends Photos & Albums, which appeared on our list twice this week, with 473,300 and 442,000 MAU. The Connect app places your friends’ Facebook photos into a new interface on the app’s website where you can view, Like or send them. Animated Picture grew by 342,600 MAU and purports to make an animated GIF for your profile photo.

Amazon Sweepstakes was on the list with 280,900 MAU, but then there were two social networks that rounded out the list. BeKnown, the professional networking app, grew by 253,200 MAU and schoolFeed by 246,400 MAU. This latter app is a Connect app that creates a social network for your high school, synchronizing with your Facebook profile, and so your Facebook friends show up in your feed.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned next week for our look at the top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.