ISG: Advertising Network Traffic Marketplace Gets Into Social Offers and Ads

Traffic Marketplace is another big advertising network getting into the offers business. It’s doing so in hopes of using its relationships with brands, agencies, and other advertisers, along with its targeting technology, to try to make developers more money — and to broaden its core business.

Today, in terms of social networks, TMP both provides ads from its network to other offer companies and sells ads within its own social ad network and offers services. Right now, it is focusing on providing a new feature: an offer window that can be added within applications. The window provides a few offers in the usual offer-wall style, but also includes display ads. It is already live on “a couple dozen apps,” the company claims, and is currently reaching around 40 million monthly active users. While TMP isn’t providing names of clients at this point, it also plans to launch the window with a dozen developers within the month, some of whom are quite well-known, according to Sheldon Owen, the company’s general manager of TMPSocial and performance advertising.

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