Iseman Drops Lawsuit Against NYT

Finally! A piece of good news for the folks at The New York Times. Seems that lobbyist, and friend of John McCain, Vicki Iseman has dropped her defamation lawsuit against the Times (perhaps she took a look at the company’s current stock prices and concluded it wasn’t worth the effort). Over at Politico Michael Calderone got his hands on the memo Washington bureau chief Dean Baquet sent out to staff:

To the staff,

Vicki Iseman has dropped her lawsuit against The Times, just weeks after it was filed. We paid no money. We did not apologize. We did not retract one word of the story, which was a compelling chapter in the tale of Senator John McCain and his political rise.

The story stands as a powerful examination of a presidential candidate who cast himself as an ethics reformer and scourge of special interests, yet seemed blind at times over the course of his career to appearances of conflicts of interest.

The article was the result of deep reporting, dozens of interviews and an abundance of caution. I am as proud now of the work of the reporters — David Kirkpatrick, Jim Rutenberg, Stephen Labaton, and Marilyn Thompson — as I was the day it ran.

Read the rest of the memo here.