Isaac Mizrahi Sees the Light

isaac sees the light.jpg

Vivacious fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi recently retooled his website, adding a bundle of new video content and blogs created in his company’s stunning Gotham headquarters. Among the new “Watch Isaac” features is an informal and endearing video blog by the designer himself, with brief musings on everything from getting old to a serendipitous encounter with a marketer of Italian pizza ovens. Earlier this week on his video blog, Mizrahi discussed the power of proper lighting.

“Why do Richard Avedon photographs look so beautiful all the time? Why do people look so beautiful in Steven Meisel portraits? Because these men know how to light people,” says Mizrahi, who adds that he’s no lighting expert but knows good light when he sees it. He recently discovered a bathroom mirror in his Bridgehampton home in which he says he looks unusually handsome and deduced that it’s because of the lighting. He snapped a photo of himself in the enchanted mirror for further study (see above screenshot). Mizrahi’s other favorite well-lit space? The Bristol Hotel in Paris. “That lighting was totally genius,” he says. “You’ve never looked so pretty in the world. Just book yourself into the Bristol and never leave.”