Isaac Mizrahi Chosen to Host The Fashion Show

Designer Isaac Mizrahi, a known consumer of chocolate, has been announced as one of the two hosts of the Bravo network’s Project Runway replacement, The Fashion Show. He’ll be placed alongside actress Kelly Rowland before a group of struggling designers who undergo challenges, get voted on, someone gets sent home, etc. From the description, it sounds like it’s essentially the same thing as Project Runway but with one exception: The Fashion Show will have a studio audience (two differences if you count different hosts, we guess). Meanwhile, Project Runway was busy shooting the sixth season of the show during Fashion Week in New York last week, putting together its final episode, but without a network behind them yet and still trying to figure out who will win the legal battle between their two current owners, the Weinstein Company and NBC Universal. This also created a bit of trouble for the show, as the push back on the shooting schedule while all of this wrangling has been going on, forced the producers to put each contestant’s work on the runway, so as not to give away who were finalists:

“I’m a little bit sad for our designers, that they don’t get that recognition today,” [Heidi Klum] said. The introductions of the finalists were taped in advance.

In addition, all 16 contestants were expected to be backstage, making it more difficult for models or makeup artists to spot the finalists. Unlike in past years, reporters were prohibited from going into the area.

“I feel really bad” for the contestants, one audience member said as the lights were dimmed. “What a bummer,” a woman seated in the first row added.

Wait. Why does Klum just feel “a little bit sad” and some random viewer feels “really bad”? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Is it a German-to-English thing or is Heidi Klum a horrible, horrible person? We like being judgmental so we’re going to go with the latter.