ISA Preview: Monetizing Social Games on Facebook, Today and Tomorrow

February 8 – 9, 2012 | San Francisco





The clock is ticking and Inside Social Apps 2012 is just a month away. Over the next few weeks, we’re taking a closer look at our event program, speaker lineup, and the issues that will be in the spotlight on February 8 and 9.

Monetizing Social Games on Facebook: Today and Tomorrow

Inside Network’s managing editor and social games lead writer AJ Glasser talks to execs from Kixeye, Happy Elements, TrialPay and RockYou about about the new rules of monetization given Credits and the changing distribution landscape.

AJ shares comments on this panel:

Now that Facebook Credits are mandatory across all social games on the platform, developers have to get creative with revenue streams to maximize profit.

For some developers like panelists Kixeye and Happy Elements, this is about game types and virtual goods — how best to convince players that they need to spend more because it makes the game more rewarding.

For others like RockYou and monetization service provider TrialPay, success will about how to integrate ad platforms or brand partnerships that allow developers to monetize users beyond virtual goods. The wrong choice for the wrong game can lead to dramatic consequences for developers, so we’ll also be covering hidden pitfalls during this panel.

View the full agenda here.


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Who’s Speaking?

We’re excited to present the following 44 confirmed speakers at Inside Social Apps 2012:

Jens Begemann
Founder and CEO, wooga
John Earner
GM European Studios, EA / Playfish
Paul Bettner
GM, Zynga With Friends
Kevin Chou
Co-founder and CEO, Kabam
John Spinale
Senior Vice President, Social Games, Disney Interactive Media Group
Barry Cottle
Executive Vice President, EA Interactive
Dennis Ryan
EVP Worldwide Publishing, PopCap
Will Harbin
Chairman and CEO, Kixeye
Carl Sjogreen
Director of Product Management, Facebook
Cory Ondrejka
Director of Engineering, Facebook
Russ Heddleston
Product Manager, Facebook
David Glazer
Engineering Director, Google+
Arjun Sethi
CEO, 6waves Lolapps
Brenda Garno
COO & Game Designer, Loot Drop
Mario Schlosser
Chief Scientist, Vostu
Jeff Tseng
CEO and Co-Founder, Kontagent
Anil Dharni
Co-founder, Funzio; Founder, Storm8
Mike Sego
CEO, Gaia Interactive
Tim Chang
Managing Director, Mayfield Fund
Bill Jackson
Creative Director, CastleVille, Zynga
Haining Wang
CEO, Happy Elements
Sho Masuda
VP Marketing, Social Games, GREE
Clara Shih
Founder and CEO, Hearsay Labs
Mike Ouye
Founder and CEO, Red Robot Labs
Daniel Terry
Co-founder & CEO, Pocket Gems
Perry Tam
CEO, Storm8
Rick Thompson
Co-Founder, Playdom, and Investor
Riz Virk
Co-founder and CEO, Gameview Studios
Charles Hudson
Co-founder and CEO, Bionic Panda Games
Lee Linden
Founder, Karma Science
Suleman Ali
Co-founder and CEO, TinyCo
Eric Goldberg
Managing Director, Crossover Technologies
Clay Kellogg
Head of App Dev. Sales, AdMob
Terry Angelos
Co-Founder and CPO, TrialPay
David Katz
VP of Digital Media, Starz
Suchit Dash
Co-founder and VP of Product, Ifeelgoods
Atul Bagga
Senior Analyst – Video Games & China Internet, Lazard Capital Markets
Peter Farago
VP Marketing, Flurry
Hussein Fazal
CEO & Co-founder, AdParlor
Micah Adler
Founder & CEO, Fiksu
Mihir Shah
President & CEO, TapJoy
Lisa Marino
CEO, RockYou
Carla Bourque
SVP, Buddy Media
Simon Mansell
CEO, TBG Digital


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About Inside Social Apps

Inside Social Apps 2012 will explore new opportunities, as well as emerging risks, in the development, distribution and monetization of social and mobile applications. Inside Social Apps 2012 will span February 8 – 9, and will bring together the world’s leading social and mobile developers and investors for critical discussion and analysis.