ISA 2011: The M&A Landscape for Small & Mid-sized Developers [Video]

Some of the world’s largest media companies and game publishers have made major acquisitions of social game developers in the last 18 months. At the same time, we have seen even more consolidation in the space through several acquisitions of small-to-midsize developers. Now in 2011, what do the shifting landscapes in the media and games industries mean for M&A activity, and potential acquisition targets, in the year ahead? Additionally, how important will factors like game design and creative content be when some players are able to leverage a significant marketing advantage?

The following panel discussion took place at Inside Social Apps InFocus 2011 last week, and featured leaders from Zynga, Facebook, Playdom, and ThinkEquity.

ISA 2011: The M&A Landscape for Small and Mid-Sized Developers from Inside Network on Vimeo. To download an mp3 version of this talk, please email us at info (at) insidesocialapps (dot) com.

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