Is Yahoo Buzz the End of Digg?

For the past few years, bloggers have been trying to game Digg to get a highly coveted homepage link. Frequently, a link on the homepage can drive 10k – 30k visitors to your site. That’s a significant number of visitors for any blog. Now imagine getting a million visitors to your site from a link on Yahoo’s homepage. That’s what Yahoo Buzz can provide websites with. Richard MacManus has rightly pointed out that Yahoo Buzz is eating Digg’s lunch.

While Digg has a highly dedicated user base, the demographics of that user base is fairly limited. The last statistics I saw placed Digg users at over 90 percent male with the average age between 16 and 35. Yahoo! on the other hand has a much more diverse user base given that it has the most visited homepage on the web. The emergence of this site also means that both Digg as well as D.C.-based Mixx has one less potential suitor.

Internet users that were previously never exposed to social media are now getting exposure through Yahoo’s new tool. I would imagine that we will see competing services launched by Microsoft and potentially Google. While Digg isn’t disappearing, it’s clear that the potential for acquisition is looking less likely. Perhaps Microsoft, who has already signed a large advertising deal with Digg, will end up being the final owner of Digg. Do you think Digg will ever get acquired?

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