Is WordPress for iOS 2.6.4 Finally Ready for Primetime?

Here’s what I wrote just a few short weeks ago about WordPress for iOS:

WordPress for iOS 2.6.3. Claims to Fix 11 Big Bugs: Really? Finally? We’ll See

WordPress, for all its success in the blog creation world, can’t seem to build a decent mobile app. Its iPhone app became buggy soon after its release in the Fall of 2008

So, was 2.6.3 bugless enough for stable use? It certainly wasn’t for me. WordPress just released version 2.6.4 for iOS (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad). Could this finally be a useable app for a WordPress user like me?

WordPress for iOS Update Available

More than 20 bugs are addressed in this 2.6.4 update. I’ve had so many disappointments with this app over the years that I’m going to hold off until this weekend to see what new bugs 2.6.4 throws at me.