Is Warner Bros. Working on a Rival for Instagram?

It looks like Warner Brothers could be building another Instagram. According to, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. filed patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in December for variations on the name Out My Window to build what appears to be a photo-sharing social network.

From the article:

The goods and services covered in the filings include: peer-to-peer photo and video sharing services, digital enhancement of photographs, digital imaging software, providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable software and applications, and of course, social networking services provided via the internet.

Currently the company’s only connection to photography is its Photo Lab in Burbank, which has processed photographs from Warner Bros. Pictures films since the 1930’s.  Taking a look at the splash page for, it looks like the service will work for mobile devices and television sets.   There is a place on the page to sign up for an email update on when the service will launch, but until then, it’s anybody’s guess.

Instagram has been teasing users with an Android version of photo-sharing app since December.  If OutMyWindow also makes slide shows look a little cooler on the television set, it might be worth a look.