Is WaPo’s Wemple ‘Off His Meds’?

No, no. Who knows if WaPo‘s opinionated media blogger Erik Wemple is even on meds? And who really cares? But readers of his story on Fox News’ Howard Kurtz’ weirdly conflicting report on the government “slimdown” (or, “shutdown” depending who you ask) had hilarious reactions to what he wrote. To be sure, even though Wemple has appeared on Kurtz former CNN show “Reliable Sources,” he is no fawning fan of Kurtz.

In a story Wednesday, Wemple pointed out that Kurtz courageously criticized Fox News for calling the government shutdown a “slimdown.” And yet, in a blurb for one of Kurtz’ stories, the word “slimdown” was used twice. So much for Fox News allowing a media correspondent’s assertions to match his story blurbs.

The commenters were telling though…here’s a sampling:

1. “I’m already tired of the ‘Howie & Lauren show.'”

2. “Howie didn’t suspect how low he would actually be going…but, he and Lauren together again makes it worth it I’m sure.”

3. WashingtonDame: “‘A shadow war with the masters of’? You off your meds, Wemple?”

We asked Wemple about “WashingtonDame’s” remark. He replied, “As for the commenter who suggested I’d gone off my meds, no comment.”

As for Fox News, he had this to say:

“I found it interesting that on Fox News’s own air, Kurtz blasted the ‘slimdown’ innovation, yet whoever writes the blurbs on either: 1) Didn’t pick up on that matter; or
2) Didn’t care; or 3) Did pick up on that matter and didn’t care.”