Is Twitter The Highest Paying Tech Company?

A new tool that trawls available salary data shows that Twitter is the highest paying tech company in Silicon Valley, beating out Apple, Facebook and all the rest.

Created by former Google engineer Gareth Jones, TechCompanyPay uses freely available data, like LinkedIn salaries, to put together the average salary of someone working at the top tech companies in the US.

Jones includes a disclaimer on the site which reminds users that the data might not be accurate, as it is unconfirmed by any of the companies themselves. Still, it gives us a pretty good glimpse into what employees think they’re getting paid… and I’ll bet that’s not too far off the mark.

So how much does Twitter pay its employees? A whopping $120,111.11 a year on average. That’s above the second-highest paying tech company, Apple, which pays its employees $113,319.21.

Rounding out the top five is LinkedIn ($111,720.00), Facebook ($105,167.62) and Google ($104,594.27).

TechCompanyPay also includes some information on the average pay for specific jobs at these companies. Twitter apparently pays its performance software engineers the most, at about $140,000 on average. Next are staff engineers focused on monetization (which is quickly becoming Twitter’s major focus moving into 2012), making $137,000. And the lowest paying job at Twitter? That’d be the tools engineers who make $85,000.

(Image courtesy of Dream79 vis Shutterstock, Hat tip: Business Insider)

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