Is Twitter Interactivity the Future of Presentations?

I was reading Jeremiah Owyang’s post about how he was moderating a panel at Web 2.0, was receiving negative feedback from people on Twitter and immediately switched course of the presentation. Jeremiah is a quick thinking guy and decided to open up the panel for audience suggestions. I’m not quite sure if it was his memory of the Zuckerberg-Lacy interview that moved him to switch but it was a good call.

Just yesterday I was working on a powerpoint for a presentation that I’ll be giving next week and I thought to myself, “what if I had Twitter streaming during the presentation.” For the audience I’ll be speaking to next week it would be useless but I could imagine this making sense with more tech savvy audiences. As Jeremiah points out though, too much audience intervention creates chaos as we witnessed at SXSW with Zuckerberg.

I think a little Twitter intervention may be useful but then again, you are acknowledging the kids that are passing notes. The kids passing notes are definitely not the kindest kids in class so giving them the time of day is not always best. I have not had the opportunity to sift through Twitter while in a presentation but next time I’ll surely check it out.

Do you think using Twitter to monitor the reaction of an audience is useful? Have you ever used Twitter while presenting?